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This is a picture of me, Anna Vanchieri. I have black hair that goes to my shoulders and hexagon-shaped glasses. I have a pale complexion and I am wearing a black t-shirt
My name is Anna Vanchieri.
I am a recent graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. I attained a BFA in Communication Design, with concentrations in Graphic Design and Advertising. Throughout my time as a student, I have created lifelong memories and valuable experiences necessary to allow me to create fun and unique designs. 
While earning my degree, I had the opportunity to work part time for Straight Arrow Inc.’s design team as a Junior Graphic Designer, and intern at Lehigh Mining and Navigation. The combination of real-world experiences and a rigorous school schedule allowed me to create memorable designs without compromises. My positive personality paired with my design experience makes me a wonderful candidate in the creative field.

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